Kids Halloween party ideas that don't involve candy

Kids Halloween party ideas that don't involve candy

Halloween is a bewitching time of year, filled with spooky excitement and delightful treats. While candy is often the star of the show, there are plenty of ways to throw a fun Halloween party without relying solely on sugary snacks. Below I share several engaging and delightful Halloween activities, crafts, and favors that focus on imaginative play, creativity, and lasting memories. Not that a little sugar isn't fine - it is! - but here are som additions to the sweet treats!

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*Halloween-Themed Arts and Crafts*:
Below are several low mess halloween crafts that kids as young as 3 can create!  

 a. DIY Jack-o’-Lanterns: Gather up some orange and black construction paper, scissors, and glue, and let everyone design their own unique Jack-o’-Lantern face. Or, ditch the glue and set up a craft table with these Pumpkin Suncatcher crafts.

   b. Fall Lanterns: Download my free SVG and create adorable lighted lanterns with your littles!

fall lantern

   c. Coloring Bookmarks: Create your own bookmarks on cardstock with my free printable, and have kids color them in, or take a look at these Halloween-themed Coloring Bookmark Kits!

halloween bookmarks

     d.Halloween Scavenger Hunt:
Plan a Halloween scavenger hunt that takes participants on a journey through your home or neighborhood. Create clues and riddles related to Halloween themes and incorporate fun challenges to solve together as a family or group of friends. Here is a free printable scavenger hunt!

        e. Make Haunted Houses:
Create pre-made houses with graham crackers, OR ditch the messy icing and use these paper haunted house kits! Mess-free, no glue, no paint!

        f. Spooky Movie Marathon:
Make your Halloween party a movie night with classics like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” or “Hocus Pocus.” Pair this activity with another one mentioned!

       g. Costume Parade:
Have the kiddos line up and parade around the house while the parents clap and cheer them on! Instead of giving them candy, put a craft in their basket along the way!

       h. Halloween Themed Games:
Organize entertaining games like “Pin the Spider on the Web” or “Ghost Bowling.” These games will keep kids entertained and engaged throughout the Halloween party. Make trash bag spider webs for your games!

*Candy-Free Halloween Favors:*
Instead of sugary treats, consider giving out these fun and memorable candy-free Halloween favors:

a. Halloween-themed name Suncatchers:
Kids love seeing their names, and this craft kit will surely light up their eyes...and their window!

b. Glow-in-the-Dark Toys: Hand out these creepy glow in the dark bugs!

c. Paper crafts: Grab a bunch of these kits in different styles, and the kids will have a blast creating their own art. Cat, Ghost, Pumpkin, Monster

halloween favors for kids

e. Halloween Pencils and Erasers: Practical and fun, and kids LOVE pencils! Find some here!

f. Lunch Box Jokes: Download this free printable, and stuff them inside these cute pumpkin eggs!

I hope this post helps you come up with some fun Halloween favors and activities!
- Catherine

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