Create a simple Fall Leaves Lantern

Create a simple Fall Leaves Lantern

An easy and simple DIY Fall craft for preschoolers, toddlers, or even elementary aged kiddos! Create these colorful tissue paper lanterns, and go on a fall nature walk. Read more for step by step instructions, and information on how to download our free SVG lantern for you to use with a cutting machine. 

fall leaves lantern for kids and preschoolers

Supplies: Tissue paper, glue stick, black cardstock, lantern cut file

Step 1: Cut out the lantern on your cutting machine. Your free SVG is a bit more simplified than the design in my photos, but will work great.
Cricut Settings: Load the file into your machine, and resize according to the paper you have. I used 80 lb. 12 by 12 black cardstock. For my Cricut, I used the poster setting, and set the pressure to more. I used the scoring stylus in camp A, and the fine cut blade in clamp b. Your settings may differ than mine.
Score Lines: I added the score lines in the file. If you don't have a scoring tool, just delete those line by ungrouping everything. If you do have a scoring tool, then ungroup the file, select the lines one by one and choose "score line" under "operation".

Step 2: After your lantern is done, remove it from the mat and lay it down. If you have score lines, lay the lantern on the side that shows the score mark. You should then fold "in." Fold along all the lines. I find this step makes it much easier to put the lantern together at the end!

Fall lanterns DIY project

Step 3
: Take tissue paper and cut it into large pieces. Grab a glue stick and start glueing down the tissue paper pieces. I like to put the glue on the back of the lantern first, then attach the tissue paper pieces. Let them overlap, have fun!

Step 4: Let the glue dry. 

Halloween lantern activity for kids

Step 5: Create the lantern by refolding the creases. Use double sided tape or glue to attach the last flap. Grab a white battery operated tea light, and place your lantern over it. Beautiful!

Extension activities with kids:
1. Take your lantern outside and sit on a blanket. Lay down and watch the sun light up your colorful tissue paper pieces. Listen to the sounds of nature and practice being calm. 
2. Talk about the colors you see in your lantern. Look for areas where the tissue paper overlaps...what makes those colors look different? Can you find new colors in those areas?
3. Go on a leaf walk! Put your lantern in a wagon or stroller and gather leaves on your walk. Use you leaves for different art project!

Monthly SVG Club:
Did you know...I have a craft club where you will receive an SVG file every month! Find out more about this cool little club here!

Happy Crafting!
- Catherine
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