Christmas Pretend Cookie Making Craft for Kids

Christmas Pretend Cookie Making Craft for Kids

This simple "decorating cookie" activity is SO fun and there are so many extension activities you can do afterwards (my ideas at the end!) Continue reading so you can embark on a crafty adventure with your kiddos to create five paper Christmas themed cookies. And guess what? We're throwing in a free SVG file for your Cricut machine to make the process even smoother - download below!

Materials You'll Need:

cardstock cookies for preschoolers

Step 1: Cut Out the Cookies on Your Cutting Machine
 Start by downloading and using this free SVG file! I usually use the medium cardstock setting for 65 lb. black cardstock! If you don't have a cutting machine, you could trace designs on paper and cut them out!

cardstock cookie making activity for kids

Step 2: Prepare the contact paper I like to cut out the contact paper to size first. I created 6 inch squares of contact paper as each cookie fit to that size. Remember, you will need 2 pieces of contact paper per cookie! Take the backing off 5 sheets to start, and place a cookie on top. You will have 5 cookies, with sticky side face up...ready to decorate!

cardstock cookie making activity for kids

Step 3: Prepare your decorating area for the kids Place your cookies on 1-2 baking sheets. The glitter will make a mess of course, so you will be happy you have these under! Set up all your tissue paper pieces, glitter and sequins. I like to cut the tissue paper into all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Very young children can "sprinkle" the tissue paper on just like sprinkles. Older kids can stick and pull the tissue paper. 

cardstock cookie making activity for kids

Step 4: Decorate - Have FUN!
Now comes the exciting part! Let your kids unleash their creativity by decorating the cookies! Encourage them to experiment with different color combinations and patterns. Sprinkle glitter over or under the tissue paper to add that magical sparkle. 

Step 5: Cover with Second Piece of Contact Paper Once the cookies are beautifully decorated with tissue paper and glitter, carefully place a second piece of contact paper over the decorated side. This will seal in the decorations, creating a durable and glossy finish. Press down gently to remove any air bubbles! 

Cardstock cookie making preschool Christmas craft

Step 6: Optional - Add Extra Decoration with Metallic Sharpies For an extra touch of shine, you can use metallic Sharpies to add intricate details and designs on the outer layer of contact paper. 

YAY! You did it! Aren't they beautiful?! Here are some extension activities to extend this festive activity!

Cardstock cookie making preschool Christmas craft


1. Cookie Shop Role Play: Extend the pretend play by setting up a cookie shop using the paper cookies. Create price tags, and even design a menu. Kids can take turns being customers and shopkeepers, practicing basic math skills and role-playing. If you have a cash register add this in!

2. Holiday Card Decorations: Incorporate the decorated paper cookies into homemade holiday cards. Glue them onto the front of the card and write personalized messages inside. This adds a thoughtful touch to your festive greetings. Or, use as gift tags on your children's presents they are gifting to gradnparents!

3. Storytime with Cookie Characters: Let your children's imagination run wild by creating stories featuring the cookies as different characters. I love telling a story one sentence at a time with preschool aged children. Sit in a circle and take turns adding to the story. Pass the cookie around as you tell the story. If you are holding the cookie, it is your turn to add a sentence to the story!

4. Mathematics of Baking: Turn the craft into a learning opportunity by discussing measurements and fractions while making the paper cookies. You can introduce concepts like half, quarter, and whole as you decorate the cookies!

5. Check out Cookie Books at the Library: Visit your local library and see if you can find fiction books about cookies! While you are there grab a cookie baking book and then bake real cookies at home! YAY!

6. Cookie-Themed Charades: Write down various cookie-related actions (mixing dough, rolling, baking, eating) on pieces of paper. Play charades!

7. Decorate Your Window: These make beautiful suncatchers to place on your window! Watch the sun shine through them and light up the tissue paper. Point out the sequins and glitter on the window and talk about why they look darker than the tissue paper. 

This Christmas pretend cookie making craft is not only a wonderful way to engage kids in a creative activity but also a fantastic opportunity to add some homemade charm to your holiday decorations. Hope you enjoyed this activity as much as we did!

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Happy Crafting!
- Catherine

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