Throw the Best Preschool Halloween Party

Throw the Best Preschool Halloween Party

halloween preschool party

Hosting a preschool Halloween party that sparks creativity and captures the spooky spirit is the perfect way to make core memories at school! You may be limited on time during this festive fall celebration, so I have the perfect activity that can be the star of the party...besides all the cute giggles and excitement. 

Paper Halloween Suncatcher crafts! Paper suncatchers are truly the BEST kids activity. They are low mess, easy to make and have a PURPOSE. No parent will be wondering what to do with this creation...because it already has a home - on your window!!! But, the best part, IMO, is the fact that these don't need glue nor paint! YAY!

How to Make Paper Halloween Suncatcher Crafts at your Preschool Party
**Materials Needed:**
- Assorted colorful tissue paper 
- Clear contact paper
- Scissors (optional)
- Halloween-themed templates (ghosts, pumpkins, bats, etc.)
If you have a Cricut machine, you can easily find designs and cut them yourself, or you can purchase kits here:
12+ crafts
Less than 12 Pumpkins
Less than 12 Halloween assortment
Individually packaged ghosts

Individually packaged monsters

**Crafting Process:**
(If you are purchasing suncatcher kits, these come ready to assemble, no prep!)
1. **Preparation:** Cut the tissue paper into small pieces. Use a paper cutter to make the process of cutting easier!

2. **Creating the Suncatchers:**
- **Step 1:** Peel off the backing from a piece of clear contact paper and place the cut out on top. The kiddos may need help with this part, BUT some will be able to do this themselves! They will love concentrating to try and pull apart the contact paper from the backing. If you want to plan ahead and are able, you can prep this part yourself. 

easy toddler crafts

- **Step 2:** Invite the little artists to place the tissue paper onto the contact paper, creating vibrant and spooky designs. They can work on their fine motor skills by learning how to tear the tissue paper into smaller bits and pieces. They can sprinkle it down, or place and stick. 

paper pumpkin craft for preschoolers

- **Step 3:** Once the design is complete, place another piece of clear contact paper on top, sticky side down, to seal the tissue paper in.

halloween crafts for toddlers easy

3. **Finishing Touches:**
- **OPTIONAL Step 4:** Trim around the edges of the contact paper to create the final suncatcher shape. Or, keep it on the paper - the children won't mind either way! 
- **BONUS Step 5:** Take metallic sharpies (or metallic paint pens) and draw designs on the front.
- **Step 6:** Place on your classroom windows and enjoy wanting the sun shine through. 

halloween paper crafts for kids

**Extension Activities for Added Fun:**

1. **Spooky Storytime:** Gather the kiddos and read a Halloween-themed story while the suncatchers catch the sunlight. 

2. **Suncatcher Parade:** Have a mini parade where kids showcase their suncatchers. Encourage them to describe their designs to their peers.

3. **Suncatcher Scavenger Hunt:** Hang the suncatchers around the room and organize a scavenger hunt. 

4. **Suncatcher Reflections:** Set up a mirror station where kids can admire their suncatchers' reflections. Encourage them to describe what they see and share their thoughts.

5. **Suncatcher Charades:** Assign each child a suncatcher and have them act out a Halloween-themed word or character without using words. The other kids can guess what they are portraying based on the suncatcher design.

6. **Haunted Suncatcher Mobiles:** Turn the suncatchers into hanging mobiles by attaching them to sticks or dowels with string or ribbon. Hang the mobiles around the room or outside, creating a whimsical and spooky atmosphere.

7. **Suncatcher Storytelling:**Pick a suncatcher and use it to start a story with the children. "Once upon a time, there was a shy ghost named Fred." Take turns adding on one sentence at a time to the story. 

8. **Suncatcher Sorting:**Practice sorting the suncatchers by design, colors, and other variations. 

halloween party favors for kids

**Halloween Favors:**
Send your kiddos on their way with a bookmark!
Personalized Halloween Bookmark
Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks

halloween coloring bookmarks for kids

Other Halloween Free Printables
Halloween Coupons
Halloween Lunchbox Jokes

lunchbox halloween jokes

This preschool Halloween party, featuring the mesmerizing Paper Halloween Suncatcher Crafts, is bound to be a hit with the little ones. The absence of glue and paint makes it a mess-free and stress-free activity, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the creative process. So, embrace the magic of Halloween, let the sun shine through those suncatchers, and create memories that will warm your heart even on the spookiest of nights!

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Happy Crafting!
- Catherine

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