6 Creative Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

6 Creative Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

Rainy days might keep us indoors, but they also offer the perfect opportunity for kids to unleash their creativity through crafting. From making vibrant suncatchers to preparing thoughtful gifts for loved ones, here are six (plus a bonus!) easy and simple rainy day activities that will keep toddlers up to tweens entertained and busy.

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Rainforest animals arts and crafts kit

1. Rainforest Animals Paper Suncatcher Kit: Bring the vibrant colors of the rainforest indoors by creating stunning paper suncatchers. This creative kit includes a sloth, lemur, toucan and poison dart frog. No glue and no paint makes this truly mess-free! Hang these suncatchers on your windows and watch the sun light up your artwork! If you own a Cricut machine you could easily create these yourself, all you need is black cardstock, tissue paper and contact paper!
Other suncatcher craft kits!
Butterflies Suncatcher Kit
Dinosaur Suncatcher Kit

Coloring bookmark craft kit for preschooler

2. Create Bookmarks for Family Members:
Encourage kids to show their love for family and reading with a set of coloring bookmarks to gift. Children can color these using crayons, colored pencils, or markers (gel and metallic pens add a beautiful touch!) They will also make a simple beaded tassel and mail away! If you have a graphics program you can easily create your own, or purchase our set which comes with the bookmark, beads, tassel and protective sleeve. Here is a free Halloween bookmark printable for you to create bookmarks...you can send someone a cute ghost any time of year!
Another bookmark option:
Personalized Bookmarks

Bookmark making art set for children.

3. Library Adventure and Bookmark Crafting:
Combine a trip to the local library with a crafting session! Take your kids on a literary journey through the shelves, letting them pick out books that capture their interests. Afterward, return home and have them create their own personalized bookmarks! This dual activity promotes reading and crafting while making the most of a rainy day.
Suncatcher bookmark set, makes 4

You are a sweet friend gift for classmates

4. Craft Kits as School Friend Gifts:
Empower kids to be givers by helping them assemble small craft kits to share with friends at school. These kits come with paper crafts, tissue paper and an adorable message. Encourage them to attach a heartfelt note encouraging their friends to unleash their creativity. This craft promotes kindness, a thoughtfulness and a shared love for crafting.
Other options:
Dinosaur Kits
Rainbow Kits

Best grandmother gift from child

5. Heart Suncatcher for Grandparents:
 Help your kiddo create a heart-shaped suncatcher using tissue paper and clear contact paper. Cut out two identical heart shapes from cardstock. Place one heart on a piece of contact paper, cover with tissue paper pieces, then cover with another sheet of contact paper. Trim the edges, leaving a small border. Send this heartwarming creation to a distant grandparent along with a cheerful letter, reminding them of your love. Or, purchase our kit which is ready to go!

Custom love coupons to make for dad, free printable

6. Love Coupons for Dad or Sibling:
 This free printable is perfect for kids to help think of their parents or siblings. There are blank coupons included, so kids can help come up with ideas they know their loved one would enjoy. Encourage them to come up with ideas that don't cost money, like a one back rub, kids help take out the trash, helping a sibling clean up the playroom, etc.!

7. BONUS! Make a lantern: Use our free SVG to create this cute leaf lantern. We also sell kits that are ready to go!

Rainy days need not be dreary with these colorful crafts!
- Catherine

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