SVG Instructions for My Boo Shadowbox

Here are instructions for Cricut users. If you are using another machine you should be able to create this project, but I am not able to provide instructions for those at this time. 

Materials You Need:

  • Cardstock (I Suggest Using 65 Lb., and/or Glitter Cardstock)
  • Double Sided Foam Tape (If you want some layered raised)
  • Double Sided Flat Tape/Clear Tacky Glue/Glue Dots 
  • All Of These Supplies Can Be Found At Michaels!

1. Load the project into your workspace. Resize as needed.

2. If adding text...create the text. Ungroup the layers, find the layer where you are placing the text. Once completed, select the text and the layer, and choose “Slice.” You will then need to click on 2 layers of the text and delete them, then you will see the text sliced out of the layer. Select “make it”.

3. Cricut will sort the mats based on the hues of the colors. Before cutting get all your cardstock ready and put them in order based on the order the Cricut will cut them. You can double check the design by hovering over the mat.

4. If using 65 lb. - I find the Medium Cardstock setting to be best. You can easily switch between settings for the cuts - just click the down arrow where it says “Base Material” before cutting that layer. Very important to choose “Glitter Cardstock” setting if using any - and clean blade after.

5. Clean the blade in between very intricate layers, or if using Glitter Cardstock for any layers. (Use balled up foil to clean the blade.) If your machine has trouble cutting intricate layers, clean the blade and try again. You may also need to change the cut pressure setting.

6. Once everything is cut, start at the bottom and assemble your project.

7. For some of the layers I used foam tape, for others I used glue/flate tape. There is no right or wrong.

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- Catherine