Hi there! Thank you for purchasing an SVG file to create the coolest craft ever! I have been making suncatchers since 2019, and these are my go-to materials to make the activity as smooth as possible for you and your students. Scroll to the bottom for the bookmark materials!

1. Cardstock
You will need black cardstock. I have tried other colors, but black works best. If you use another color the tissue paper will be seen through it when placed on the window...the black works as a frame that hides the edges. 

I suggest 12 x 12 65 lb. - you will be able to resize the shapes and fit more on a page as opposed to 8.5 x 11 (but if that is all you have go for it!.) You can also use 805lb. for a sturdier suncatcher. I have tried all the cardstock suggested below. Adjust Cricut settings as needed based on the weight of your paper.

65 lb. cardstock
85 lb. cardstock

2. Contact Paper
I have done this craft with contact paper and glue sticks...and when given the choice I always choose contact paper. There is less mess, and it is MUCH easier for all ages. With contact paper, they can simply stick the tissue paper onto the contact paper. If you choose to use glue sticks, I suggest placing wax paper under the suncatcher. 

I prefer the contact brand contact paper, but Frisco is also an option I have used in the past. I find that suncatchers made with the contact brand stay together longer, but the Frisco is clearer. There is a matte sheen with the contact brand, but it doesn't bother me at all.

Contact brand
Frisco brand

3. Tissue paper
You can buy larger sheets of tissue paper and cut them down into smaller shapes, or purchase it already pre-cut. Younger kids will simply choose a shape and stick it on the contact paper...older kids can press and tear to fill in specific areas. 

Larger sheets
Circle pieces 

That is all you need! An optional material is a suction to hang the suncatchers on. You can also tape them to the window with painters tape, or an excess piece of contact paper.

For bookmarks, you can find sleeves and tassels on Amazon. I use pony beads as well.