Sweet Alternatives: 5 Unique Valentines That Go Beyond Candy

Sweet Alternatives: 5 Unique Valentines That Go Beyond Candy

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and while sweets are a classic way to celebrate this adorable day, why not surprise your child's classmates with something a bit more unique this year? Here are five creative and candy-free Valentine's Day ideas that kids AND their parents will love!

1. Animal Bookmark Valentine: Step away from the traditional cards and give the gift of reading with an animal coloring bookmark card. Kids will color their bookmark and can use with their favorite book! Checkout these other themes as well: outer space and hearts.

Animal bookmark valentines

2. Vinyl Sticker Valentine: Bring a burst of color to your Valentine's Day exchange with these sticker-themed cards. You can choose from turtles to hearts - kids of all ages will love receiving a vinyl sticker to add to their water bottle! 

Heart sticker valentine

3. Heart Suncatcher Craft Valentine: Add a touch of brightness to your Valentine's Day with these heart suncatcher craft kits. These DIY projects are simple to make and can be placed on your window when finished. Add on contact paper and no glue is needed! Check out tons of other Valentine's suncatcher kit themes: Dinosaur, Cat, Hedgehog, Gummi BearCupcake

Heart Valentine crafts

4. Digital Download Outer Space Suncatcher Valentine: This one is for the DIY parents! You will need a Cricut (or other cutting machine), tissue paper, baggies, cardstock and our download which includes a cut file and decorative topper printable. Create your own kits at home for a celestial and crafty twist to Valentine's Day.

Space valentine download

5. Personalized Coloring Bookmark: For a personalized and one-of-kind gift, hand out these custom made coloring bookmark kits. Inside each kit are materials to create a beaded tassel. Afterwards, children can color their unique bookmark with markers, crayons or colored pencils. This thoughtful and artistic Valentine's Day gesture is perfect for book lovers and creative children.

Valentine personalized bookmarks

6. BONUS: Class Party Crafts: These paper crafts are mess-free, easy, and the finished product is beautiful! Everything you need is included...this one is a HIT with the class parents, kids and teachers. Kids can gift their finished suncatcher to a loved one or decorate their classroom windows with bright hearts!

Valentine party crafts for toddlers

This Valentine's Day, step away from the expected and surprise your school buddies with one of these unique, candy-free treats!

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Happy Crafting!
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