September SVG Club Theme: Autumn Farm

September SVG Club Theme: Autumn Farm

Monthly SVG to create a craft for teachers of preschool

You can get this adorable farm themed cut file and other monthly goodies by joining our SVG Suncatcher club! Our SVG Suncatcher Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers exclusive SVG files to your inbox. These files are specially designed to help you create paper suncatchers with your preschool class or children at home. Each month, you will receive a timely design to inspire your crafting adventures. Find out more about the club here!

Suncatchers are truly the best kids craft! Low mess, and beautiful! Check out our many suncatcher kits here! If you decide to join, below is a list of extension activities to go along with the September theme. 

September's theme is Autumn Farm! You will receive an SVG file with 5 unique designs as seen above! Click here to join!

Extension Activities for our farm theme:

1. Farm-Themed Storytime:
After creating your farm suncatchers, gather your kids for a storytime session. Choose some beloved farm-themed books, such as "Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown or "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type" by Doreen Cronin. As you read together, encourage the kiddos to hold up their suncatchers that match the characters or items in the story. It's a fantastic way to make reading interactive and memorable!

2. Suncatcher Scavenger Hunt:
Transform your suncatchers into a fun scavenger hunt activity. Hide them around your house, windows, or classroom, and provide clues or to help your kids find each one. As they discover the suncatchers, ask them to share a fact or story related to the farm-themed design they've found. 

3. Fall Harvest Feast:
Host a mini fall harvest feast in your backyard or a pretend one at school. Decorate your windows with the fall farm suncatchers. Let the kids take part in choosing the menu, preparing simple farm-inspired dishes like apple slices with caramel dip, corn on the cob, or pumpkin muffins. 

4. Sunshine Walk:
Take your fall farm-themed suncatchers for a walk outside! Grab a wagon, or set up a blanket outside and lay down. When you find a sunny spot, encourage the kids to hold their suncatchers up to the sunlight and watch as the colors come alive with a vibrant glow. It's a simple yet magical way to connect with nature!

5. Create a Farm-Themed Mobile:
Extend the crafting fun by turning your fall farm suncatchers into a mobile. Help your kids attach strings to each suncatcher and then hang them from a wooden stick you can find outside. 

Enjoy the colors, creativity, and fun of autumn with your kids!
- Catherine

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