Non Candy Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Non Candy Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

As Easter approaches, the excitement of creating fun and unique Easter baskets for our kiddos grows. If you are looking for non candy additions to your basket I have ides for you below! From creative crafts to educational games...there is something for everyone!

I always add a new, small game to my boys' Easter are a couple of our favorites from over the years. Also, these are PARENT approved...which means we love playing them as much as our kids!


We got this game as Christmas, and it quickly became a fast favorite for our family dinner game nights. It is a cooperative game, where everyone is working together to stop Bandido as he tries to escape through underground tunnels. It is simple enough for younger children, yet challenging enough for older kids as well...we love it, and it fits perfectly in an Easter basket!

Sleeping Queens

This game is ADORABLE! It is perfect for preschool through middle school...and I LOVE it as an adult. The cards are beautiful, and the game is simple and quick! We usually play several rounds in a row. 


A new favorite in our house! This one is best for elementary aged children and older. It is hard to explain, but it is a unique card game where you are scouting to put on a show. It is a great mix of simplicity and strategy. 

Left Right Center

One of our favorite simple games. Perfect for all ages, too! I like to keep this in my purse so we have it when we go out to eat. 

I am a big fan of giving my kids an activity they can work on that day! Here are favorites throughout the years.

Bookmark Making Kit

Pair this adorable set of personalized bookmarks with a book and you have one of my favorite combo gifts! The set comes with 4 custom bookmarks kids can color with the enclosed stacked crayon. There are also materials to create a simple beaded tassel with each bookmark. 

Suncartcher Garden Markers
Garden markers easter basket stuffer

I love to gift spring related items that will encourage my kids to get outside and play! This adorable set comes with materials to create 6 garden markers. Add a bag of green beans for a cute way to start spring planting.

Sticker Dolly Dressing Books

My kids have loved these Usborne sticker books at every age! The Little Sticker Dolly Dressing books are smaller in size, and perfect for an Easter basket! 

Decorative Scissors

I LOVED these as a kid! They are perfect for your crafty kiddo (kindergarten and up IMO!) - set these out with a bunch of colored paper and they will be entertained for hours.

Scento Pencils

Pair these with the madlibs below! They are the BEST smelly pencils I have ever bought...the smell last SO LONG.


Easter Mad Libs

I have just as much fun doing these as my kid do - always good for a they are learning parts of speech. Win win.

Plus Plus 

The shape of these tubes is just perfect for your Easter basket. We love plus plus - grab this set of 5, and keep some on hand for birthdays!

Slingshot Rockets

These are amazing - my kids were able to do them at about age 6. Get the ones with the LED light and take them outside at'll be such an adorable memory. Once kids get the hang of these it's amazing how high they can shoot them. Just make sure they aren't a bunch of trees around - they'll get stuck!

Reusable Water Balloons

If you haven't tried these yet, you must! Fill a bucket with water, gives these balloons to your kids, and you are done! They can fill them over and over again on their own - genuis idea!

Gardening Tools

I love this brand! Eco friendly and a perfect way to get your kids involved in gardening with you. This goes great with the suncatcher garden markers, and a bag of green beans and wild flowers! You can plant flower seeds on Easter day most places!


 I always add in a new book. Here re some of my boys favorite series through the years: Boxcar Children, Investigators, Nate the Great, Mr. Lemoncello, Kingdom of Wrenley, Zac and Zoe Mysteries

Hope this list helps! Happy Easter basket stuffing!
- Catherine

This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I might earn a small commission which helps run my small art business! 

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