Gift Guide for Young Artists

Gift Guide for Young Artists


I am a former kindergarten art teacher, so I ave tried A LOT of art supplies with kids. I also have 2 kids, and we have done so much art at home! Below are some of my favorite art supplies for kids of varying ages! 

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Kids Easel:
If you have toddlers or preschoolers, an easel is a must! It contains a lot of mess, and will be used for YEARS! We got one when our oldest turned 2 and had it for 10 years! So, I would get a nice quality one because it will be used a lot. I love the bottom shelf on this one! AGES 2+

kids easel art gift

Drawing Books: Step by Step drawing books are perfect for preschool and elementary aged kids. They take a more complex image and break it down into simpler shapes. Pair this with a sketch book - I love this Canson brand. AGES 4+

Watercolors: Nothing is better than liquid watercolors! I have this brand - the colors are so vibrant! I use small dishes and just use a couple drops at a time. You can dilute them with water if you want lighter colors. Pair these with watercolor paper - don't use regular paper with watercolors! We also love this brand of watercolor crayonsAGES 4+

watercolor paper

Stamp Set: Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. I love that these come with markers, so it inspires kids to continue creating with their stamps after they create the initial design. Pair with this Melissa and Dough drawing pad - I love that it is spiral bound. AGES 2+

kids stamp set

Colored pencils: I love a larger kit for a kid that is very interested in art, and a WOW factor gift! Prismacolor colored pencils are high quality, will last, and this set has 72 colors! AGES 4+

colored pencil set for kids

Modeling Clay: If you want to dabble in 3-d with your kids, try out this modeling clay! This comes with so many colors, and might even be better than play doh;) AGES 2+

modeling clay for kids

For tween or teen: A Cricut machine! YES! My niece got one when she turned 13 and wow, did she make some cool things! I would get the lowest price, the nicer machines really can't do much more. You can cut TONS of things on this Explore Air 2, and most likely, they will use mainly use vinyl and cardstock.  AGES 12+

cricut machine gift for kids


Stamp Markers: Do you remember these!? I LOVED these as a kid. We have a set at home and love them. These are great for making greeting cards or just a day of paper crating. Set these out with cardstock scarps, coloring supplies and the next item a suggest for a fun day of crafting! AGES 3+

stamp markers for kids

Decorative scissors: I LOOOOOOVE these! We have a set and use them all the time. Great for making cards, and other paper crafts. This fancy set is a fun holiday gift, or here is a lower priced setAGES 5+

decorative scissors

I hope this gift guide gives you some ideas to either start your kid's craft closet or enhance it!
- Catherine

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